Player Agreement

Justice Baseball LLC Agreement

It is the purpose and intent of the Justice Baseball LLC - TRAVEL TEAM to create and offer quality learning and baseball playing opportunities. The following CODE OF CONDUCT AGREEMENT is constructed as an instrument to emphasize those values, principles, and beliefs which are central to the foundation, structure, and operation of JUSTICE BASEBALL - TRAVEL TEAM. At all times, we agree to and support:

  • Positive and exemplary sportsmanship, and appropriate demeanor by everyone. 
  • Safety and well-being of players, coaches, umpires, and spectators. 
  • First-class representation of players, parents/families, coaches, umpires, and spectators 
  • Always playing within the established rules of the game (e.g., age limits, etc.). 
  • The understanding that participation with the Justice Baseball LLC - TRAVEL TEAM is a privilege and a player/family decision, completely voluntary, without any pressure or such, dual/multiple participation questions or consequences (with other baseball teams, leagues, all-star post-season play, and/or organizations) are 100% family matters and family responsibilities. 
  • Physical, mental, and spiritual preparation and fitness. 
  • I will pay my fees on time. $25 LATE FEE WILL BE ADDED on any late payments 
  • Organizational fees- Outdoor/Indoor facilities, training from November through March- team insurance, equipment 
  • Team Fees- Tournaments, Coaches fees, (budget sent out mid-November) 
  • Exit fee- $300 if you leave/quit the team prior to end of season- you will be charged $300 
  • Uniforms- paid for directly by you. 
  • Social media- pictures of Team, Player on Facebook, twitter, etc. All social media platforms. You agree and acknowledge 
  • Realization that all of our activities (instructional and competitive) are designed to enhance growth and development of all our players, families, and coaches. 
  • Equal respect and value of every teammate regardless of size, experience, talent, or criticism or "looking down on" anyone in any manner at any time for any reason whatsoever. 
  • Mutual respect, tolerance, understanding, and caring in all team matters. 
  • Coaches' decisions (...whether we understand, like, or agree with them!)...and, no "coaching" from the stands. 
  • Emphasis on team spirit, team unity, team effort, and team success. 
  • Encouragement of everyone involved... players, coaches, parents, family members, et al. 
  • The reality is that some players may have more plate appearances, playing time, positions/roles, and starting assignments, than other players. 
  • Tactful, quiet, one-on-one discussions of any concerns, questions, or ideas with coaches 
  • Acknowledgement that each of us is responsible for our own thoughts, feelings, attitudes, decisions, and behaviors. 
  • Giving 100% of our attention, commitment, and effort to our team, and therefore to our team goals. 
  • Importance of leaving each other, each dugout, each ballpark, each tournament site, and each situation in better shape than we found them. 
  • Outstanding player talent, effective/experienced coaching, and top competition. 
  • Expectation is for all Players/Families to participate and support our organization Golf outing.
  • The clear understanding that all medical, financial, and legal liability issues, activities, and consequences are the exclusive responsibility and domain of the player and/or his respective family, parent(s), and/or guardian(s)... at no time will the Justice Baseball LLC- TRAVEL TEAM nor any of its associated personnel (founder, manager, coaches, board of directors, et al.) be sued legally (individually, collectively, or organizationally) in any manner, for any expenses, damages (perceived or real, intentional or unintentional),losses, injuries, complaints/problems, complications, and/or inconveniences which may result from participation with the team activities and/or team initiatives. We agree to release and forever hold harmless said team and related personnel in all matters, legal, medical, personal, financial, and/or otherwise. No claims shall be made for any reason.